Heaven Mountain Goji Berries


Heaven Mountain Goji Berries In an 8 oz. Pouch (the pouch is specially designed to keep the goji berries fresh) “These are the best goji berries in the world—and I...

Lung Health Organic Spray and Breath Freshener


1 fluid ounce (29.6 ml) in a glass spray bottle. For Children and Adults. Also a great Breath Freshener and Antimicrobial Spray! Ingredients: Organic Peppermint (leaf), Organic Tulsi (leaf), Organic Eucalyptus...

Magnesium Breakthrough (7 Types of Magnesium):


Premium Magnesium Complex 60 vegetarian capsules (500 mg each) "Magnesium is the #1 mineral deficiency in the Western World. I have tried dozens of magnesium products over the years. And I...

MegaHydrate - Awaiting Stock Delivery


Serving Size: 1 bottle of Mega Hydrate = 60 caps (20-30 day supply) Phi Science’s MegaHydrate What is MegaHydrate® in the Words of its creator Dr. Patrick Flanagan: “MegaHydrate is...

NoniLand Black-Red Honey


NoniLand Black-Red Honey (Raw, Unheated, Unprocessed) - From David Wolfe's Farm (250mL) The Essence of a Pure Rarified Hawaiian EcoSystem. Unmatched Quality. Ethical Collection (no machines). Gourmet Flavour. US Grade...

Nordur Arctic Sea Salt Flakes


Packaged in a 250 gram beautiful box container. Norður Salt is bold, bright and slightly tart in flavour. This salt goes great with water and it acts as an excellent...

Organic Maca Powder


“I was one of the first people to put Maca on the Internet over 20 years ago. It has been one of my staple Superfoods ever since. My relationship with...

Organic Mushroom Blend Powder


9 Potent Mushrooms For Immunity & Gut Health 100% RAW Medicinal Mushroom Blend to Support Daily Health INSPIRED BY DAVID WOLFE & DR. EDWARD GROUP  9.5 ounces, 0.6 pounds, 270...



Safe & Natural Colon Cleanser 120 Vegetarian Capsules This product is based on discoveries made by Nikola Tesla over 100 years ago: Tesla was able to bond ozone to magnesium...

Ozonated Activated Charcoal


Ozonated Activated Charcoal 60 vegetarian capsules delivered to You in Amber glass.  Introducing the all new Ozonated Activated Charcoal from Dr. Group. Meticulously crafted by him and his incredible team of scientists...



 Paratrex is a unique encapsulated formula designed to help create an environment that’s hostile to invading organisms while promoting a natural cleansing of your body. It’s made with a blend...

Pearl Powder


100 Pullalan Vegetarian Capsules (500mg each) These are the best vegetarian capsules known. Dosage: Take 2 capsules, 1-2 times per day or as directed by your healthcare professional  “Pearl Powder...

Plant-Based Quercetin


Quercetin is a naturally occurring antioxidant found in many plant foods such as capers, onions, cranberries, berries, and leafy greens. For decades, Quercetin has been used to support the immune...

Purblack Shilajit


Pürblack Shilajit (pronounced shee-la-jeet) Shilajit is a high-mountain black-brown resin also known as Black Gold, Born of Stone, Destroyer of Weakness 🔥 30 grams in a Miron glass jar (comes with...

Pure Plant Protein Chocolate


We’re so excited to share our deliciously smooth protein powder with you! Pure Plant Protein is perfect as an on-the-go meal replacement or post-workout recovery shake. There’s tons of ways...

Pure Plant Protein Vanilla


VANILLA PURE PLANT PROTEIN Getting enough protein has never been easier — and tastier! Our deliciously smooth protein blends are available in Vanilla.  For effortless nutrition we’ve added enzymes and...

Raw Cacao Butter: Ecuadorian Arriba Nacional Upper


Certified 100% Organic Arriba Nacional Upper Amazonian Raw Cacao Butter from Ecuador, 0.75 lb (12 ounces) This Raw Cacao Butter is perfect to add to our to Tea, to homemade chocolates, to elixirs, to...

Raw Cacao Powder: Ecuadorian Arriba Nacional Upper


Certified 100% Organic Arriba Nacional Upper Amazonian Raw Cacao Powder from Ecuador, 0.75 lb (12 ounces) Raw Cacao Powder is perhaps the easiest of our raw cacao products to use. Raw Cacao Powder is Chocolate in...

Remove Unwanted Guests (RUG) – Parasite Cleanse


Remove Unwanted Guests (RUG) is a parasite cleanse for those moments when you want to manage a situation that's gotten out of control. Use: Intended for use over a three-month period. Take...

Skin Therapy: Ozonated Olive Oil


Ozonated Olive Oil Skin Therapy 1.5 ounces (45ml) Use Ozonated Olive Oil Skin Therapy topically to deliver fresh reactive Oxygen (aka Ozone) directly to where it is needed. Humans and...

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